In many ancient cultures, one's identity is given to them by their elders—and that person's path in life is informed by this identity. In Service Design isn’t about your company. It’s about your customers.

Why do consumers make the choices they make?
Why are they loyal to some brands and not to others?
What can you do to attract customers and build stronger relationships?


At Moko,  we analyze and map the customer journey. We build perceptions and tailor experiences. Our goal is to define your culture and blueprint your vision. We don’t just hope you’ll succeed. WE GIVE YOUR COMPANY A FIGHTING CHANCE.
Champion brands are talking!


We revolutionize the way design interacts with company & customer.
Our success has been driven by your passion for great service design.

Moko is was an asset to our team. They are insanely talented and think well outside of the box. Moko’s creative deliverables are both consistently impressive and exceeded the expectation of the project need.

The Weather Channel

Moko has world-class problem solvers. They take an analytical and logical approach to finding and solving the root cause of design challenges.

The Lucky Backpack

Since we began working with Moko, we have seen a huge increase in our website conversion rates based on the flow and design. We are now closing deals faster than ever because of expert services like Moko. They combine creativity and talent, a strong desire for successful outcomes and a complete can-do attitude!

1Voice Worldwide

Working with Moko was a pleasure. My project was completed on time with the professional look that I needed for my custom graphic. I would recommend Moko for any design project.

SharpEdge Ventures

Our team can deliver everything from concept to finished production

Meet Your Corner Men!

Michael Edward

Founder/Lead Service Designer

Patrick Fulbright

New Business Development (Advisor)

D. Benny Bennafield

Accounts Management

Harry Hayes

Creative Director

L Dante Gaurin

Brand Strategist (Advisor)