Unlocking Creative Potential

“Creative leadership isn’t about leaders simply becoming more creative. It’s about individuals leading for creativity. That means you, as a leader, must unlock the creative potential of your organization, no matter the industry. It’s your job to set the conditions for your organization to generate, embrace, and execute on new ideas. It’s a competitive imperative that will keep you ahead in the marketplace.” – Tim Brown, IDEO So what can leaders do to unlock their creative potential? Our industry friend Tim Brown suggests three things leaders can become to ensure creative potential is reached: Be the adventurer. Pioneers need a moving vision and set the course for another bearing. In the event that they don’t, individuals won’t take after their…

Next Wave Design School

In 2012, we reimagine the way people could tackle community problems through a school that specializes in the art human experience. After being inspired by Tech Square Labs and Google VP of Education, David Harrington, the Moko team sought out to create a school that meets the next wave of design and innovation. Our Co-founder Michael Edward, met with a team of successful entrepreneurs, designers, and educators to utilize their skills on how to collaboratively build an experience that would tackle “wicked problems” of to tomorrow through imagination and proven design methodologies. #CatchTheWave2017